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The Cool Weather Is Here

By November 4, 2021 Uncategorized

We don’t want to think about it, but the cool weather is upon us. It’s important to keep our canine, and feline friends active during the winter months. Whether indoor or outdoor, there are still many activities to keep our companions engaged.

Don’t Forget Your November Dose!

Though it’s cool out, it’s very important to give your last dose of Heartworm prevention. Keeping your dog free of heartworms is an important job.
Have you ever wondered why your dog needs to be tested if they’ve been taking heartworm preventatives? Is it really that bad if you give it a few days late? Just how do these preventive medications thwart heartworm disease in your dog? Here are some facts.




Mental and Physical Activities for Dogs

Boredom and excess energy are two common reasons for behavior problems in dogs. This makes sense because they’re meant to lead active lives. Wild dogs spend about 80% of their waking hours hunting and scavenging for food. Domestic dogs have been helping and working alongside us for thousands of years, and most are bred for a specific purpose, such as hunting, farming or protection. For example, retrievers and pointers were bred to locate and fetch game and water birds. Scent hounds, like coonhounds and beagles, were bred to find rabbits, foxes and other small prey. Dogs like German shepherds, collies, cattle dogs and sheepdogs were bred to herd livestock.

Whether dogs were working for us or scavenging on their own, their survival once depended on lots of exercise and problem solving. But what about now? Learn more HERE! 


Mental and Physical Activities for Cats

Free-ranging and feral cats lead complex and busy lives. They maintain large territories that often contain a variety of habitats (forest, farmland, urban gardens, etc.). They explore, they hunt, they scavenge for food, and they might interact with other cats. In contrast, household cats, especially those who live exclusively indoors, have little to do and boredom may set in.

Even if you don’t think that your cat seems bored, there are a number of good reasons to provide enrichment opportunities for your feline friend. Enrichment opportunities can easily be provided for cats. Here are some ideas to try!

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