Here at McCleary Animal Hospital we are commited to bettering the lives of not only our paitients, but also animals around the world. Here’s a closer look at some of the groups & charities that we support and endorse.

The Farley Foundation

The Farley Fundation is an organization commited to helping sick animals owned by low income seniors and people with diabilities.

The Farley Foundation offers financial assistance to veterinary clinics in Ontario to help cover the cost of providing necessary veterinary care for pets belonging to seniors receiving the Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement or people with disabilities who receive the Ontario Disability Support Payment, and who cannot otherwise afford treatment for their pets.

To learn more about this wonderful organization, please visit their website:

The Brooke

The Brooke is the UK’s leading overseas equine welfare charity and our aim is to improve the lives of horses, donkeys and mules working in the poorest parts of the world. These animals form the backbone of the economy in many developing countries, supporting countless poor communities where many people earn less than a dollar a day.

The Brooke’s mobile vet teams and community animal health workers, and our partner organisations worldwide, provide free treatment to animals and train animal owners, local healers, farriers, saddlers, feed sellers, harness and cart makers. We currently operate across nine countries in Asia, Africa, Central America and the Middle East.

The enormous difference the Brooke makes is thanks to the kindness of our supporters and the dedication, care and compassion of our local vets and community workers. Our work is underpinned by unique and proven methods developed with Bristol University Veterinary School. We have over 750 highly-skilled staff working directly in the field.

Our vision is that by 2016, Brooke will have increased the number of working animals we reach from 500,000 to the five million suffering horses, donkeys and mules who need our help most in the world.

To learn more about this wonderful organization, please visit their website:

The Oakville & District Humane Society 

The OHS is a private, non-profit, charitable organization that is dedicated to the welfare of animals. The shelter, serving Oakville and Milton, was established in 1936.

The Oakville & District Humane Society provides a variety of services including shelter for lost, injured or abandoned animals, adoption of unclaimed animals, investigation of cruelty complaints, animal control, wildlife rehabilitation, and education.

Ontario Veterinary Pet Trust Fund

The OVC trust supports studies and special projects that improve the quality of care pets receive and lead to advances in veterinary medicine. Their donors say that supporting Pet Trust is a loving way to cherish the memory of a beloved pet, or to celebrate a special animal or animal lover.

The OVC Pet Trust Fund helps explore vital companion animal health issues, develop new diagnostic and treatment techniques and examine the human-animal bond. Pet Trust studies range from cardiology to neurology; from orthopedics to ophthalmology. Many of these studies also have applications in human health.

Since it was founded in 1986, OVC Pet Trust has raised more than $10 million through the generosity and support of its network of friends and supporters. So far in 2007, Pet Trust has provided funding for projects ranging from using stem cells to repair bone cartilage in dogs to studying antibiotic-resistant strains of E. coli in urinary tract infections to characterization of epilepsy in Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retrievers. Pet Trust has also funded educational research projects for the summer of 2007 that will help create a digital image database for veterinary neurology and develop zoonotic disease and infection control materials for veterinary clinics and pet owners.

Pet Trust’s special projects enhance the quality of care at the Ontario Veterinary College’s Teaching Hospital. Over the next five years, Pet Trust will raise $10 million as part of a groundbreaking initiative to prevent and vanquish cancer in animals and people. With support from Pet Trust, OVC will establish an institute for cancer investigation and clinical care. The institute will be the first of its kind in Canada dedicated to providing comprehensive cancer care for companion animals and unlocking the deadly secrets of the disease for the benefit of all species.

Past efforts have helped establish our state-of-the-art MRI facilities, funded expansion of the intensive care unit at the OVC Small Animal Clinic, provided for upgrades to the radiation therapy service and assisted in the purchase of a nuclear scintigraphy imaging unit. Nuclear scintigraphy is used to diagnose illnesses such as congenital liver disease, kidney disease, thyroid problems and rheumatoid arthritis.

The Trust also provides scholarships for veterinary graduate students focusing on companion animal medicine or surgery.

To learn more please visit their website: Ontario Veterinary Pet Trust Fund 

Sleeping Children Around the World

Sleeping Children Around the World (SCAW) donations provide bedkits to children of any race and/or religion who will benefit the most; typically being located in underdeveloped and developing countries.

No portion of a bedkit donation is spent on administration — 100% reaches a needy child. Each *$35 donation (Canadian funds) provides a bedkit that consists of a mat or mattress, pillow, sheet, blanket, mosquito net (if applicable), clothes outfit, towel and school supplies. Bedkit contents vary from country to country depending upon local needs.

Since its founding by Murray and Margaret Dryden in 1970, SCAW has raised over $20 million to provide bedkits for over 900,000 children in 32 countries. In 2009 we will reach our millionth child.

Every child is photographed with the bedkit, showing the donor’s name/country (or special occasion message) on a label.

Each photograph is then mailed back to the original donor, providing a timeless way for the donor to remember the child who so greatly benefited from their generosity.