We have the facilities to provide your pet with a comfortable stay while you are away. Feel free to bring in your own food. However we can provide a diet in both wet and dry form that is easy on your pet’s stomach and is easily digested to prevent any gastrointestinal upsets that can occur while in boarding. We also have perscription diets that you are welcome to purchase from us to use during your pets stay.

Would you love for your pet to experience even more attention from our staff? We offer a cuddle time service where each day we provide even more love and comfort to your pet to make their stay even more enjoyable.They won’t want to go home!

We also offer full service grooming so your pet can go home looking its best.

You will have the added benefit of knowing that if your animal experiences any illness while you’re away, it will be promptly and competently addressed by our veterinarian.

For a tour of our boarding facilities, please feel free to drop by anytime.