While the Groomer’s Away, Brush Everyday!

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While the Groomer’s Away, Brush Everyday!

Though hopefully already a part of your daily routine, during this time when grooming is not considered an essential service, daily brushing becomes even more important. Regular grooming maintains your pets skin & coat health, encourages the production of natural oils, and keeps your pets comfortable and mat free. This week we’re sharing some ‘how to’ videos and articles to aid you in your task. Remember, you don’t have to run a marathon on your first day. Little bits, every day make a world of difference!

The Dreaded Nail Trim

For many people, and their dogs, trimming toenails can be a stressful occurrence. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be! Nail Maintenance for Dogs is a Facebook group that has a wealth of information for counterconditioning, and desensitizing your dog. Baby steps are key. Start small, and know that ANY amount of success, is still success!

Brushing Out Your Long Haired Cat!

This works for our shorthaired felines as well, but if you own a longhaired cat, it becomes all the more important to maintain their coat through daily maintenance. I know I sound like a broken record, but baby steps! Work up slowly to increase your cat’s tolerance level, and you’ll both benefit. 




Nail Trims For Our Feline Friends

Though not needed as often as their canine companions, cats need nail trims too! Helping your cat become comfortable with their feet being handled is the first step to completing a successful nail trim. Check out this helpful video on desensitizing techniques. Once kitty is comfortable, you’re ready to take the next steps, and practice trimming their nails! Remember, it’s better to trim one nail, and end on a positive note, and do 2 tomorrow, then trying to accomplish it all in one day 🙂



Brushing Your Long Coated, or Double Coated Breeds

Linebrushing is a staple grooming technique that is at the foundation of grooming any long coated, or double coated breed. Passing the brush over the surface of a dogs coat will catch the loose hairs on top, but will not remove the dead undercoat hiding below. Even poodle coats have loose, dead hair that gets trapped below, so use this technique on them too!




How to Comb Out Tangles and Matted Hair

Sometimes, even with our best efforts, tangles or mats can occur. This video showcases some of the tools available, and what situations and locations they work best. These are all readily available online for ordering, at your local pet shop, or check with Debbie – we might have some here too! 

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