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Tiddles Dingwall

This is the story of “Tiddles” Dingwall, beloved cat of Doreena Dingwall adopted from the Mississauga Animal Services. Writen by her owner.

She was brought home in a carrier box and immediatly removed. It took only a short while for Tiddles to feel at home in the condo where I dwell.

She is all black with a few white hairs on her stomach. She is beautiful in every and all ways. What a treasure to be sure, bestowed upon me for my birthday.

Tiddles is quite amazing. She preforms “acrobats” as though trained fot it and what a friend she has grown to be. She is constantly amusing and extremely loving.

She is very intelligent: never forgets what she may or may not do and finds things I cannot!

She has several toys she likes to play with. Her favorite is a small high bounce, brightly coloured ball. She plays soccer with it and controls it with her front paws better then a professional soccer player. She loves exercise and will play for more then an hour before deciding it is time for a cat nap!

Tiddles has several spots where she likes to relax after playing and exercising.She loves sitting in the windowsill to look outside and see what is going on. She also has a few shady spots where she will lie down for her naps. At night she likes to sleep in a round bed placed in the far corner inside my walk-in clothes cupboard. Sometimes she has cat naps on my bed with me.

She loves receiving cat treats. She almost immediatly caught on to the word. I only have to say “treats!” once and no matter where she is in the condo she comes running and stands up against my knee waiting.

Tiddles also likes watching me do house work and will follow me around as I vacuum and dust.

Tiddles likes a clean litter box. She always comes to watch to make sure I do a good job, morning and night.

I must add that I am not aware of how time went by before her arrival. I truly love her and I’m sure it is reciprocated.

What a friend indeed!