Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant

Pets: Ringo (DSH - Tabby), Ally (Turkish Van Mix), Catsimus Maximus 'the maximum cat' (DLH - White & Grey), & Oreo (Border Collie X)

Tiffany is brand new here at McCleary’s, having just joined us June 24th, 2019! She recently completed the Animal Care program at Sheridan College, as well as bringing with her experience from having worked in both a grooming, and Animal Services environment. She has a special interest in grooming, as well as Animal Welfare. She is constantly seeking to improve her knowledge to increase the quality of care she is able to provide for her patients. 

When not here at MAH, you can find her keeping her fingers quick, and mind nimble with her love of video games, with a strong bias to everything Nintendo. And if you’re the owner of a Samoyed, Husky, or other big fluffy breed, Tiffany’s sure to be there as they, along with Maine Coons and Domestic Long-haired cats are among her favorite breeds.