Hospital Administrator

Pets: Brom (DSH Brown Tabby) & Arya (DSH Brown Tabby)

Joining us April 2019, Kristy brings with her not only 29 years of experience, but the adaptability to fit into all roles here at the clinic. You’ll find her primarily at reception, greeting you with a warm smile, and armed with a wealth of knowledge to ensure your pet gets the best of care. She has a special interest in nutrition, and is always happy to discuss an appropriate diet for you pet, under the advisement of Dr. Paterson. 

Outside of work, you will find Kristy immersed in her love of nerd culture (Dr. Who, and The Muppets topping the list), or putting her fingers to work with a colourful ball of yarn and a loom.  If you happen to be the owner of a Basset Hound, or Sphynx, be on the look out! Kristy may just sneak them out the back.