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Carlie is a fantastic addition to McCleary Animal Hospital. She has been with the clinic for 1 year and has become a wonderful asset to our team, ensuring that each and every animal that walks into our clinic is given the best care possible. Carlie embarked on her journey into the animal care industry as a grade 11 high school student. She started working at a local pet store for a co-op placement, where she continued to work for another 8 years! She then decided to explore her options and she started working at the Oakville/ Milton Humane Society in 2013. To further her passion and spend more time with our wonderful companion animals, Carlie started working with us as an Animal Care Assistant. Here at McClearys you know your animals are always in good hands behind the scenes with Carlie! 

Carlie is kept quite busy taking care of her three rambunctious dogs, two Jack Russells, Riley and Toby and one Westie, Winston. Obviously she’s Jack Russell Obsessed!