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3 Cat Tricks To Teach During Kitten Training

Teaching a cat to sit or give a paw is simply expanding their natural abilities, and most cats will be happy to do this with the right motivation. However, it’s key that you approach training sessions in the right way. Never punish your cat for getting something wrong, or force them to do something while training. Keep your sessions short: no longer than five minutes, and always finish on a positive note by making sure your cat is still enjoying the activity and hasn’t lost interest or become irritated before you end it.

Another good tip from Kim is to choose times for training when your cat isn’t tired or distracted but is a little hungry. That way, treats will seem all the more appealing.

As a bonus, the time you spend with your cat while training is a brilliant way of strengthening your bond together. Investing time and effort in these sessions is well worth the reward; you’ll not only be stimulating your cat’s mind and enriching his or her life, but you’ll also actively be having fun together with your pet. And that may really be something worth high-fiving about.

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Help Your Cat Love The Great Indoors

“…We now know that cats aren’t a low-maintenance pet compared to dogs, just a different maintenance. Dr. Delgado says, “So many cats are living understimulating lives. And that’s a problem for cats if the cat doesn’t engage with the environment — that could even lead to medical issues, and, yes, depression.”
Cats do lose their lives as a result of unenriched environments. Cats with FLUTD and/or feline interstitial cystitis may feel pain when they urinate and are therefore inclined to do so outside their litter boxes.

Unknowing cat parents may feel they’ve tried everything, and the frustration leads to the human/animal bond fracturing. If this occurs, the cat is at risk to being relinquished to a shelter or just booted outdoors…”

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Teach Your Cat to Walk on a Leash

Have you ever thought about taking your cat on a walk? Walking leashed cats has become an increasingly popular way to add enrichment to your cat’s life, and it’s something that many cats enjoy. That said, leash walking can also be stressful or even dangerous if not approached carefully. Not all cats are going to enjoy leash walking, so go slowly by introducing the activity to your cat.

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Outdoor Enclosures for Cats

For cats allowed to roam outdoors, danger lurks at every corner. Traffic, poisons, disease, run-ins with other animals-the list goes on. Outdoor cats also represent a major threat to wildlife in urban, suburban, and even rural areas. Many cat guardians are unaware of the impact and dangers their feline companions pose to other animals when allowed to roam freely.

The greatest gift we can give our cats is the promise of a long, healthy, and happy life in the security of our homes. One way to enrich the lives of indoor cats is to offer them safe experiences outside, either by walking them with a specialized harness and leash or by providing them a secure outdoor enclosure off of the house or in the yard.

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